Should we drink more water?

Woman with waterMost people seem to agree that drinking more water is good for us.

In articles in print and on the web, and on television and radio, we are told to drink at least two litres of water a day, or eight cups of water a day, or some other amount.

But the main message is always that we should drink more water.

Since water makes up between three quarters and just over half of our body weight, depending on age, this water has to come from somewhere.

There is now a “Drink Up” campaign, that encourages us to drink more water, with a website that I really can’t understand. Maybe it’s just saying drinking water is cool (nothing wrong with that, of course), with it’s own #spreadthewater hashtag.

I have no reason not to believe that drinking more water is good for us. After all, everyone seems to be in agreement. But I do wonder what evidence there is to support the idea that we need to drink more water. [Read more…]