Why is sugar bad for you?

coffee cup and sugar dispenserWhen I was a child the only bad thing I ever remember hearing about eating sugar was that it would give you bad teeth. Occasionally someone might say you would get fat if you ate too much, but not very often.

Now it seems that sugar is about the worst thing you can eat. We constantly hear about how toxic sugar is, and how it can cause all kinds of health problems, including diabetes, liver disease and cancer.

So what is it about sugar that is so bad for you? Let’s start with a look at some different types of sugar. [Read more…]

What is diabetes?

Diabetes means “syphon”?

diabetesWhen we think about diabetes we usually think about it as a problem with the way our bodies deal with sugar.

This is true, but the name of the condition, “diabetes”, comes from the Greek word for “syphon”.

Why syphon? Well, syphon is another name for a tube or pipe that a liquid flows through. Diabetes is defined as a condition that causes people to produce a lot of urine. In the past diabetes has been known as the “pissing evil”. [Read more…]