Are you going through the Janopause?

Woman holding no alcohol signWell, it’s a week to go until the end of January. So far I’m managing to do what I’ve only managed once before, which is not to drink alcohol for the whole month.

Like a lot of people, I make New Year’s resolutions, and one of them is always to be healthier. To promise to do more exercise, and eat more healthily, but the main one is always to not drink alcohol until the end of January.

There are various names for this no alcohol in January business, but my favourite is “Janopause”. I’m not sure why I like it so much; maybe because it is so stupid.

Other names for no alcohol in January include “Dry January”, “Sober January” (both boring) and “Dryatholon”, (which I’ve just found out about and I love it). [Read more…]

Six ways you can start to be healthier right now

Woman with clockWhen we think about trying to be healthier it sometimes seems like it will be a hard job.

You may think of a detox or other strict diet, cutting out alcohol, running for miles, or whatever. It can seem like there’s a lot to do, so you do nothing.

But does it have to be like that?

I don’t know if you follow cycling (I don’t really), but when I was watching the cycle races at the London Olympics a couple of years ago I kept hearing the phrase “marginal gains”.

The British cycling team seemed to win more medals than anyone else and these marginal gains were said to be the key.

The idea behind this marginal gains approach is that rather than producing a big improvement in one aspect of a process, very small improvements in several areas add up to a massive overall improvement.

I’ve been thinking about this as an approach to improving health. Rather than focusing on one thing, why not just do a little better in lots of areas and let all the small health improvements add up?

So what should you be doing to produce these marginal gains in health? How can you start to be healthier today? [Read more…]