Preventing sunburn – why and how

The suntan doesn’t tell the whole story

I have just come back from a week away in the sun and everyone is complimenting me on my tan.

Man with sunburnSo that’s great, right?

What these people didn’t see was me last week with purple skin, a big red nose, shoulders that were too painful to carry my backpack, and a permanently headache from my sunburnt head.

So that’s not so great!

I live in London and for most of the year there is very little sunshine. In the summer we do get some, but I’m generally too busy to sit out in it. [Read more…]

Dietary fiber – what are the health benefits?

dietary fiber - bowl of high-fiber cerealI often hear people saying that we should all have more fiber in our diet. They also tell us what types of food are high in dietary fiber.

What they don’t usually do is explain what dietary fiber is or why we should have more of it in our diet. So I thought I would look into it. [Read more…]

What is diabetes?

Diabetes means “syphon”?

diabetesWhen we think about diabetes we usually think about it as a problem with the way our bodies deal with sugar.

This is true, but the name of the condition, “diabetes”, comes from the Greek word for “syphon”.

Why syphon? Well, syphon is another name for a tube or pipe that a liquid flows through. Diabetes is defined as a condition that causes people to produce a lot of urine. In the past diabetes has been known as the “pissing evil”. [Read more…]