Benefits of jogging come with going slowly

Jogging in the cityPeople do exercise for different reasons. For example, some people might want to lose weight and other people might want to get fit for specific sports.

I’ve reached the age where I’m thinking it would be nice to live for a bit longer, and be healthier while I’m still alive. It’s for this reason that an article published in a cardiology journal this week caught my eye.

The authors of the article had looked at a study on cardiac health carried out in Denmark over a long period of time. They had compared healthy people who jogged regularly with those who didn’t jog and were fairly inactive otherwise (sedentary lifestyle).

The main thing they were interested in was how jogging affected the risk of someone dying (from any cause).

Most people know about the benefits of jogging, and there is all sorts of medical evidence to back this up. The article this week had some surprising conclusions about how much jogging you need to do. [Read more…]

Walking for exercise

Woman walking for exerciseSomething that always amazes me is the number of people who drive everywhere, park as close as possible to where they are going, and seem to avoid walking at all costs.

A lot of the people I know who do this also have gym memberships and go there to exercise fairly regularly. They probably drive right up to the gym door too.

So what’s my problem? I’m wondering why these people don’t take the opportunity to exercise by walking, that’s what. Walking is great exercise and it would supplement what they do at the gym.

There are also people who don’t go to the gym, but drive everywhere. Why don’t they walk? Most people without a serious disability can walk, but many of them don’t.

Here we look at some of the potential benefits of walking for exercise. [Read more…]